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Manage Everything or anything with our user-Friendly Content Management Systems. Our developed CMS is highly featured with solution oriented approaches which also allows nontechnical customers to maintain their day to day work routines. NIjomee technologies heavily concern about the easiness of user, so with our creative hands and technical minds, we stand one step further in giving a solution directly meets the customer's requirements.

Look what we have for you: -

  • Help your business grow with our globally recognized vast range of CMS
  • Great User Interface to Manage your daily work
  • Provide you with the best suitable intelligent solutions
  • Powered with Latest and leading technolgies to make CMS more versatile
  • Enrolled Our best to meet your business demands
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Strategy from How It Looks to How It Works!

CMS Solutions Infographic

WordPress Developement

WordPress is a very widely used and popular framework used to build websites and Content management solutions. WordPress is written in PHP along with MySQL or MariaDB databases. WordPress allows you to build a website that meets any kind of user requirements. A user can start blogging, manage the business portfolio, start selling products online quickly.WordPress allows you to choose your unique themes and start development over it.WordPress facilitates users with responsive, mobile-ready & optimized website development for your business.

Let see what your WordPress software will be having :-

  • Website Development & Customization
  • Setup & Implementation
  • Custom Theme Designing
  • Design Integration
  • Blog Development
  • Plugin Development

Magento Development

Magento is an open-source platform use to build an E-commerce website. Magento gives online merchants a flexible shopping cart system, content, and functionality of online stores. To build a dynamic eCommerce website where users can easily manage all its products, sell them, manage payments, and many other things, Magento offers everything in a single bowl.

Let see what your Magento software will be having :-

  • Responsive Website
  • Theme Development
  • Custom Module Development
  • API Integration
  • Extention installation & upgradation
  • Easy to Maintanied


Drupal Developement

Drupal is the #1 platform for web content management for global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, etc. Drupal provides flexibility and high scalability where a user can share content in multiple languages. Drupal offers Continuous digital innovations and a flexible platform that enables marketers and developers to overcome undue delays so they can deliver you an amazing web experience.

Let see what your Drupal software will be having :-

  • Web Applications
  • Modifying
  • Experiences
  • Development Technologies
  • Skills
  • Theme Development

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