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Our journey

From Humble Beginnings to Technological Excellence

In 2017, Nijomee Technologie started with one person's dream to change the tech world. This dream quickly grew into a team of 20 experts, each dedicated to making technology simpler and more effective for everyone. We've come a long way, turning challenges into victories and small wins into major successes. Our mission was clear: to build solutions that matter, for businesses big and small.

Today, we're proud to offer everything from software development to data analytics, helping companies everywhere to innovate and grow. Our approach has always been about understanding what you need and using our tech know-how to make it happen. It's this commitment to our clients and passion for technology that's taken us from our humble beginnings to where we are now—a trusted name in IT, making a difference worldwide.


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Your Gateway to Digital Transformation

We specialize in turning the digital dreams of our clients into reality. Our core strength lies in software and app development, where we excel in breathing life into innovative ideas. Our services encompass a broad spectrum, including website development, bespoke software solutions, dynamic app development, cutting-edge e-commerce platforms, versatile CMS development, engaging game creation, and advanced data analytics with Power BI, Power Apps, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Why Choose Us

A Partner in Your Digital Journey

Choosing Nijomee Technologies means partnering with a team that prides itself on delivering digital transformation for any manual work. Our approach is not just about building solutions; it's about crafting experiences that resonate with your audience. From the initial concept to the final launch, we ensure that every project we undertake is not just completed, but perfected.

Our Commitment

Pioneering the Future

As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment remains unwavering – to be at the forefront of technological innovation. With each project, we aim to set new standards in the IT industry, ensuring that our clients always stay ahead of the curve.


Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow

Your journey towards digital excellence starts here. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business in the digital era. Welcome to Nijomee Technologies – where your vision meets our expertise.

Discover Our Process

How We Bring Your Vision to Life

At Nijomee Technologies, we believe in a transparent and collaborative approach to every project. Our process is crafted to ensure your vision is realized with precision and excellence. Here’s a glimpse into how we transform your ideas into digital solutions:


Client Consultation

In the initial phase, we delve into understanding your unique needs, engaging in detailed discussions about your project requirements, goals, and expectations. This forms the foundation for a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your vision.


Requirement Analysis

Building upon the insights gained during the consultation, our team conducts a thorough analysis of your requirements. This step is crucial in defining the scope of the project and ensures a clear roadmap for successful execution.


Solution Design and Planning

With a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we embark on crafting a solution that integrates innovative design and meticulous planning. This phase lays the groundwork for a robust project structure aligned with your goals.


Client Feedback and Iteration

Your feedback is invaluable. We prioritize an iterative approach, engaging closely with you to refine the solution based on your input. This collaborative process ensures that the final product meets your expectations and requirements.


Quality Assurance

Ensuring the highest standards, our quality assurance phase involves rigorous testing and scrutiny. We meticulously examine every aspect of the solution to guarantee flawless performance and a seamless user experience.



Putting the plan into action, our development phase is marked by dedicated effort and expertise. We translate conceptualized ideas into a tangible solution, combining innovation with technical excellence.



Upon receiving your approval, we proceed to deploy the final product. This involves setting up the solution in your environment and conducting thorough checks to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation.


Post-Deployment Support

Our commitment extends beyond deployment. We provide ongoing support and maintenance, addressing any issues promptly to ensure the continuous, trouble-free operation of the solution.


Evaluation and Enhancement

We believe in constant improvement. Continuously monitoring the solution's performance, we proactively suggest enhancements over time. This iterative approach ensures that the solution evolves in tandem with your dynamic business needs.

Industries We Serve

At Nijomee Technologies, our diverse range of IT solutions is designed to meet the unique demands of various industries. We combine our technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of industry-specific challenges to deliver impactful solutions. See how we cater to different sectors:



Delivering secure and efficient IT solutions for healthcare, including patient management systems and data analysis, to elevate patient care.



Tailored CRM solutions, property management software, and virtual tour technologies designed to meet the unique needs of the real estate industry.



Offering IoT and supply chain management systems, along with predictive maintenance solutions, to optimize manufacturing processes.



Providing innovative e-learning platforms and interactive tools to modernize educational experiences and enhance learning outcomes.


Real Estate

Custom CRM solutions, property management software, and virtual tour technologies tailored for the real estate industry.



Crafting bespoke booking systems, customer service solutions, and digital concierge services to elevate guest experiences in the hospitality sector.


Transportation & Logistics

Enabling efficient fleet management, route planning tools, and real-time tracking systems for the transportation and logistics sector.


Enterprise Solutions

Streamlining corporate operations with advanced employee tracking and HR solutions, designed to enhance productivity and manage workforce dynamics efficiently.


What Our Customer are Saying

Nijomee Technologies has been instrumental in transforming our operational capabilities. Their expertise in developing both an innovative app and an intuitive admin portal for Honor Tech has revolutionized our employee management system, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Mr. Nisar Khan


Working with Nijomee Technologie on our data analytics project was a revelation. Their insights helped us unlock new growth opportunities and streamline our processes like never before. Their professionalism and expertise are unmatched. A truly transformative experience

Mr. Amit Singal

Startup Buddy

Working with Nijomee Technologies on the Realme project was a game-changer. Their development of our employee management app streamlined our operations and significantly improved team coordination. It's clear they're committed to delivering practical and innovative solutions.

Mr. Manish Mishra


Nijomee Technologies did an amazing job for us. They made our website and admin portal exactly how we needed. It's made our work a lot smoother and helped us stand out online. Big thanks to the Nijomee team for making this happen.

Mr. Rahul Jain

GB Enterprises

nijomee technologies built us a game-changer website. their work helped us streamline our operations and manage our clients more effectively. we're impressed with their dedication and the results they delivered.

mr. arun

ad agarwal

nijomee technologies crafted a transformative app and admin portal for us, enhancing our asset management and audit processes. their innovative solution for offline functionality has set a new standard in the industry.

mr. sachin

datafin advisor

nijomee technologies created a dynamic website for edutantra, perfectly capturing our essence as leaders in online and distance education. their expertise has enhanced our digital presence, making quality education accessible to all.

mr. adheeshraj bhalla


nijomee technologies really helped us shine. they built us a website that perfectly fits what we do at startup buddy. thanks to them, it's easier for startups to find the help they need. big thanks to nijomee and their team for their hard work and support.

mr. anshu bathla

bharat glass

nijomee technologies expertly developed a comprehensive website for caship, effectively showcasing our consulting services across multiple industries. their technical prowess and understanding of our vision have elevated our digital footprint, enabling us to reach a broader audience and provide targeted solutions with greater impact.

mr. ashok



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